Tantalum Memorial, Manifesta7, Alumix, Bolzano, Italy.

bnr#23 => Tantalum Memorial, Manifesta7, Alumix, Bolzano, Italy.

Radio Wave

Object: 48

Radio Wave

Date of origin: Big Bang
Author/inventor/context: Naturally existing

Waves underpin information society as an invisible and under-theorised force. Radio waves are as invisible as they are ubiquitous. Maxwell's equations form the basis of much of science and technology, describing thermodynamic laws, optics, electric circuity. The radio wave also occupies the gap between the singular wave and the field, since there can be no wave without fields and vice versa. The field as a relation over distance through invisible forces has become a basic epistemological assumption. Vilém Flusser once said 'electromagnetism equals Bolshevism', yet this potential of unlimited flows and communications is always held back by regrettable social relations.

Armin Medosch