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Project Management

Object: 45
Date of origin: 1950s-present
Author/inventor/context: Henry Gantt, DuPont Corporation, UK government and others
Project Management is a set of tools to structure decision-making within a time-limited activity towards a specific goal. It was recognized as a discipline in the 1950s, alongside the rise of management theory. Pioneered in the construction, engineering and defence fields, it is now a staple of office and government life, and an industry in its own right. Methods like PRINCE2 and the Critical Path Method come complete with training courses and guidebooks, while software projects have spawned new approaches like Agile Project Management and Scrum. Qualifications in these are requisite for certain jobs. In a professionalized culture, all activities repackaged as projects can be announced, controlled and measured according to project management principles.

Heather Corcoran