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Genomic Binary Assignment Map

Object: 18
Date of origin: 2009
Heng Li, Bob Handsaker, Alec Wysoker, Tim Fennell, Jue Ruan, Nils Homer, Gabor Marth, Goncalo Abecasis, Richard Durbin, and 1000 Genome Project Data Processing Subgroup
The Binary Assignment Map (BAM) is a highly compressed file format for storing genomic sequence data, the need for which was prompted by exponential decreases in sequencing time and cost following the 2003 completion of the Human Genome Project.   BAM files store nucleotide values tagged with metadata including nucleic acid fragment of origin and genomic reference site assignment as well as scores for raw data quality and assignment confidence.  A binary archive of the human-readable ASCII is then constructed and indexed enabling portions of the alignment map to be selectively expanded in computer memory as needed.

Sam Hart