Smoking and eating the flowers of the Thames 2014

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Bush Blair War

bush blair map

In the Autumn of 2004, a prototype software system called the “NetMonster” was designed to generate, edit and continuously update a composite image made up out of the results of internet searches guided by various key terms. Functionally, it could be thought of as an authoring system that combines a search engine and a content management system. At Brown University (USA) as part of a Mongrel residency whic included Francesca da Rimini and Mervin Jahman. I performed various tests on the software with students of the Department of Modern Culture and Media helped out by the others.

I choose Bush Blair War as the key phrase - 9 images were produced between 30-09-2004 and 10-10-2004.During the residency we put up the images in a shop window and asked the students for reaction to the constructions and how they were developing.

bush blair map

The images are arranged around 8 bar charts which plot the images used, age of file and domain. The images are spread over four quadrants and arranged by a luminosity sort toward the centre.

I have edited some of the images which are about 10,000 x 10,000 pixels wide to give you a taste of what the full size images were like.

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The images are comparatively large for the time and the full rez images can be downloaded from here 257M