Matthew Fuller, Digger Barley, Sniffing a stick, Manifesta7, Bolzano, Italy.

bnr#35 => Matthew Fuller, Digger Barley, Sniffing a stick, Manifesta7, Bolzano, Italy.

Bush Blair Experments with Underground Images

Sometime before - 30-09-04 after 03-03-03

blair cunt text

Read images - experience code:

Images like appearances are experienced first. The sets of photo-receptors situated in our eyes, with their intrinsic and extrinsic eye muscles, as related to our vestibular organs, our head and the whole body. Explores, finds convergence. This is conducted through the variables of the structure of ambient light. The information obtained includes everything that the specified variables of optical structure can afford (information about animals objects, motions events, places etc.) (up, down, proximity)

structure of ambient light
variables of optical structure

Images may Then be read, interpreted, categorised, ordered after the perceptual phase.

Code from a machinic or authoring view point is read first or->(intercepted) - as literature. From the participant point of view software is experienced - social security - tax - photoshop.
If we take a painting - the code - brushwork - colour theory - material base of the image can be read - the appearance is the first encounter - The netmonster software is not read in the ensuing image - the images are read as reference to constitute authorship - that is the images are read within the context of the originating urls - the underlying search and ordering are not visible to most people.
How would it be possible to bring the code upto the surface of the image? It is not enough to display the code along side the image 'this made that.'

Text can be made to confirm to code in a fairly strait forward way because they are both read first.

Their seems to be a large gulf between image and it's binary representation - their is little difference between text and it's binary representation.

if({target}){$target = 'yes'}

Net_Monster is about representing the experience of the data not modelling the data. One is mapping the other is experiencing. It may well be the geography of the data.

blair cunt text

blair cunt text

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