Invisible Airs, Contraptions, Bristol, UK

bnr#56 => Invisible Airs, Contraptions, Bristol, UK

Matrix Manipulation

Object: 31
Date of origin: China ~ 300BC, Germany 1693
Author/inventor/context: Unknown, Leibniz; basic to most scientific fields
A matrix is a table of numbers or mathematical expressions arranged in rows and columns. Manipulations, of adjacency matrices, are basic to graph theory (as used in social networks), of sparse matrices to data mining, and of stochastic matrices to PageRank. Amenable to direct or iterative computation, their finite elements describe a manipulable world. Relationships and their transformations expressed in matrix mathematics drive computer graphics, weather prediction and futures trading. The first form of quantum mechanics (Heisenberg) used matrices to describe combinations of states. While matrix manipulation is now a grey middle layer, it can kill since drone warfare is driven by a disposition matrix.

Dan Mcquillan