Invisible Airs, Caroline Heron, Council Chamber Room, Bristol, UK

bnr#51 => Invisible Airs, Caroline Heron, Council Chamber Room, Bristol, UK

Skint Stream

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The idea for Skint Stream is based on a network which will connect audiences and cultural spaces previously separated by economic, geographic and political factors. The use of streaming technology over existing infrastructure allows us to start a conversation between spaces separated by different types of distance. Passing the mic around will allow us to reflect on the cultural space each sound is coming from? And will ask questions like: is geographic isolation a factor in cultural expression? what does it mean to be culturally remote in an electronically networked world? can we still think of ourselves as being in margins or centres when digital technologies allow us to bridge distances and make our own connections? can live, technologically mediated experience ever substitute for face-to-face communication?

The first Skint Stream Event consisted of:

* Container Project - Clarendon (Jamaica)
* Sound Kitchen Studio/MMC - Johannesburg (South Africa)
* Nostalgie Ya Mboka - London (UK)
* Cue Music at Southend YMCA - Southend (UK)
* Regent Park Focus - Toronto (Canada)

The pilot stream went out live on 8 June 2005 between 6pm-11pm GMT. An edited version of the pilot Skint Stream session will be available on this site from 15 July 2005. A CD of the first Skint Stream session will also be available from September 2005.

A streaming workshop was held at the Sound Kitchen Studio in Alexandra, Johannesburg on 7 June 2005 in preparation for the pilot broadcast on 8 June. The participants in the workshop were: Maropeng Malatji, Rodger Moshapo, Tebogo Ramabulana, Aviyo Ngwenya, Ishmael Malepe, Siphiwe Ngwenya, 1st born (Ntsikelelo Ntshingila), Sista Fabo, Tom Mulcaire, Harwood and Judah.

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