Invisible Airs, CCTV Camera, Chamber Room, Bristol, UK

bnr#38 => Invisible Airs, CCTV Camera, Chamber Room, Bristol, UK

Ansell Hyflex Work Glove

Object: 01

Ansell HYFLEX Work Glove

Date of origin: 1996

Ansell, specialist in protection solutions for the following areas:
Military, Industrial, Medical, Specialty Markets and Sexual Wellness.

Using the strongest fibre in the world – micro particles; made from a
unique polymer-cross section; at EN388 cut level 3 of the European
standard – 40% lighter than other fibre; with 440 million sold; this work glove was made to keep hands ergonomically comfortable, especially dexterous and efficiently protected for maximum performance. The now mechanical hands can work for hours in places such as supermarkets, and with the glove’s long use in the military, ensure the management structures needed, no matter the individual hands, to stock, sell, stock, repeatedly, the frozen peas lining the refrigerators–the gloves are (exposingly) off.

Renee Carmichael