Smoking and eating the flowers of the Thames 2014

bnr#75 => Smoking and eating the flowers of the Thames 2014

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blair cunt text


Pathological-Gimp – A Perl extension for writing Gimp Extensions/Plug-ins/Load & Save-Handlers

When starting a new investigation - it’s necessary to acclimatise to the cultures that gave rise to the code.

America America - Arse cheeks of Bush this is more like it. The Gimp yes the Gimp. Photoshop opened up with all the wires showing - let me see If I put this data-stream into this socket and pipe the output to my ear. SHHHH I here the prisoners in Abu Ghurayb.
Time to turn off the logic gate.


use Gimp;
use constant CorruptThe CultureOfTheCode;

Other modules of interest:

use Gimp::Fu; # easy scripting environment
use Gimp::PDL; # interface to the Perl Data Language

these have their own manpage.

# version 0.0.2
use lib '/home/harwood/FuckTheWar/Lib/';
use DBI;
use Settings;
use DB;

use Time::Local; # Computed from the current Greenwich Mean Sidereal Time->origin of Empire.
use Gimp qw( :auto );
use Gimp::Util;
use Gimp::Fu;

Gimp::init; #Start the server
Gimp::on_net(\&net); # create a call back – not sure why
Gimp::set_trace(TRACE_ALL); # Spew out various uninformative crap about the functions taking place.

blair cunt text

They can only be.
The same picture hangs on walls in different rooms eye-level to the cultural scrutiny it receives in any language. The same image embedded in many publications surrounding itself by differing texts.

The networked Image remains or attains a state of flux, only becoming grounded when reproduced by ink drying on paper.

blair cunt text

This talk is about the Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Program)

-> wireless allows waning over porn to be done in the toilet – with a laptop - back to the future.

The great triumph in the early 90's from which the Gimp emerged -> (is the DEATH of the truth in photography in popular culture. Fashioned by adobe Photoshop this DEATH gave rise to the eradication of blemish – we could all look younger more symmetrical our image cleaned up - we followed our menu options like we follow the instructions of IKEA furniture and defined for ourselves the boundary of our living space.

A polished mainstream aesthetic - we built the border to exclude the chaos of war.

Instantly attainable from from anywhere on the network up the anti. The flattening of meaning ????? - The cleaning tidying up of photoshop - the removal of the blemish now a new chapter is emerging. The overwhelming glut of image. I cut my balls off - want a look. Off with his head – off with his head - I don't want to look.
Stopping investment in a country - tactical media goon mad - The tactical beyond the badermeinhoff beyond my own imaginings. Slowly I print off two million images till I suffocate in amongst them - On course to burn the lot.

An image now travels at instantaneously through networks - filling mental spaces that crave the evidence - the next instalment. The picture alters economies, the flow of oil - investments and sets the context for more to die. Words stick in the mouths of politicians - Words, insufficient to quell the mob motivated by the image (Abu Ghurayb) It’s not that Bush is a liar, untrustworthy our linguistically impaired - the image itself is not reasonable - or reducible.

Is the self banished or equally distributed on this network of RGB - What would Van Gough do - reduce himself to a plug-in a menu option applied to everything.

Is it possible to react to this stream without enhancing it. without aestheticising it- without it becoming fetishistic. then again what for - I'm already depreciated. Do I really have anything to say - does the network already take care of it. I collect them farm them them stick them together filter them - rotate them stick them on myself. I translate text to image image to text - building storm clouds approaching the Thames on the eve of war.

Bananas 7lbs for 1 pound - why do networks depend on banana eating when cherry eating is son depreciated. Network Banna republic - trade war destruction of friends economy.

America America - Arse cheeks of Bush this is more like it. The Gimp yes the Gimp. Photoshop opened up with all the wires showing - let me see If I put this stream of this in that scocket over thier and turn off the logic gate - what happens.

So many wires but without colour theory No way to get the images off the network a geek thing for automating button production for web administrators.

Did they really show his head coming off in the metro a freebee read on the tube. I didn't look. My interest was that the site was open source running on Apache. Fuck me what's happening. the video was propriety Windows mwdia player - I wonder if they remember to encode for quicktime for mac and linux users. Who the fuck ran the software over that. The machine was cheap one of those new dell workstations. Do I use the graphical interface or command line server or do I programme it.

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