Tantalum Memorial, Arnolfini, Bristol UK

bnr#61 => Tantalum Memorial, Arnolfini, Bristol UK


Object: 43


Date of origin: April 6, 1980
Author/inventor/context: Arthur Fry

The glue on Post-it notes was discovered accidentally by 3M chemist Spencer Silver in 1968. The product was developed and marketed by Silver’s colleague, Arthur Fry. Found on office and document surfaces, Post-it notes are paper rectangles of assorted sizes and colours with a modest strip of low-tack adhesive across the top of the back of the sheet. Half thoughts, soft commands, document amendments, and bits of data unworthy of inclusion in digital files are the typical communicative content. Post-it notes exist in a grey area between the delivery of meaning and the redundant clutter decorating the objects of human frustration and boredom.

Critical Art Ensemble (CAE)