Invisible Airs, CCTV Camera, Chamber Room, Bristol, UK

bnr#38 => Invisible Airs, CCTV Camera, Chamber Room, Bristol, UK


Object: 06


Date of origin: Similar objects start to appear in the USA patent record in late 19th century.
Author/inventor/context: Anonymous

A clipboard is constructed from a flat board with a spring clip. It is designed to hold paper fast and be hung on a wall. It takes management processes to the workspace. The name ‘clipboard’ emerged in the early 20th Century at the same time as scientific management. A clipboard implies an authority or governance over a set of related processes allowing data to be collected and passed along the organs of administration. It also acts as a temporary memory in the governance of machines. In some operating systems' Graphics User Interface, the ‘clipboard’ creates short-term data storage between different application processes allowing proprietary software to exchange data.

Matsuko Yokokoji