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Natural Selection

natural selection

Natural Selection was a search engine specifically designed to find - and twist the results for - far right and racist sites on the net. According to Matthew Fuller, who produced this project for Mongrel along with Harwood:
"Along with porn, one of the twin spectres of 'evil' on the internet is access to neo-nazi and racist material on the web. Successive governments have tried censorship and failed. This is another approach.- ridicule."

natural selection

It was formed round an elegant hack of one of mainstream technoculture's most popular search engines, Natural Selection was guaranteed to stop you smearing skin lightener on your computer.

Islam and Eugenics:

Hakim Bey is an anarcho-sufi. Author of many books including the classic of the 90's underground TAZ, here he looks at the history of eugenics from a series of heretical Islamic points of view.


BlackLash is the game the streets have been waiting for! Choose between four black stereotype fighting characters, then slay your way to freedom through swarms of insectoid cops and nazis. Free to download from the above address. (Mac-only for now). Tasty. SFX from the Wu Tang Clan.

natural selection

Aryan Nations:

Byju's site, is a journey through the english language in pictures. The history of words shows us that, the language of the Ôpure englishÕ was always already overrun with the language of the colonised. Critical Art Ensemble (Biotech) have produced a site featuring an internal diocument from genetic engineering consortium BioCom. In it we see how genetic engineering of children along racialised lines may be being prepared for release onto the consumer market.

Heritage Gold:

Another classic from the MongrelSoft empire. This piece of software is the standard heritage editor for all diversity professionals. Download it (for free) now and give your family tree a pruning.

Yardie's Immigration Advisor

Mervin Jarman's work shows, amongst other things, the fastest way for a Yardie to get past British immigration - a hilarious collision of officialese, Tel Aviv realism and pure criminal mindedness!

natural selection

Save The Internet:

National Spiritual Internet Awakening. Some people think the internet is a Global Mind. It is, but one thatÕs gone nuts. We found this site dedicated to saving the internetÕs mental health and thought it was so crazy we copied it.


Skrewed is a celebration of nationalism in music. You thought it was just military marching bands? Check how stupid it can get... This site is by author Stewart Home and musician Daniel Waugh.

Bombarded Images:

Dimela Yekwai is a powerful poet and story-teller. She considers herself to be in the tradition of village 'warner women', bringing words from beyond into the digital age for a celebration of the individual and collective self. The triple-consciousnessed Afrikan virus is in .


GoldHorn is the net's hottest of hot tubs in the international dating love stakes. For you Miss!

Biocom memo

Critical Art Ensemble a site featuring an internal document from genetic engineering consortium BioCom. In it we see how genetic engineering of children along racialised lines may be being prepared for release onto the consumer market


...T h i n kMa t e ™ uses the science of anthropometry to seek the sites that suit your style

The brain is a universal information processor. Whether yours is a high or low bandwidth model, we can transfer its capabilities onto a
...T h i n kMa t e ™ intelligence quotient agent that will info-ecologically tailor any journey through the matrices of systematic knowledge exactly to the capabilities of your type.