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The Boats

Tideway Sunk (Gunter Rigged, 14ft, Built 1980's)

During the 5 year restoration of Lady Beatrice the 1935 23ft Gaff Rigged Cutter I really needed to sail and bought the 14ft Tideway Sunk for Dave the Welder, it was a former boat belonging to the local Scout Troop. It's a heavy dingy of the old school and you rarely get wet in her and she can handle reasonably bad weather.

Lady Beatrice (Gaff Rigged Cutter, 23ft,3.5 tons, built 1935)

Souvenir (Thames Bawley, fishing boat 40ft, 12 tons, Built 1933)

Captain Snort (Unknown age, homebuilt rowing skiff, Rebuilt 2015)
Rigid Raider (Ex MOD, Marine Assault Craft)
Queer Mary (formally Poppet)
Assorted tenders.