Tantalum Memorial, Arnolfini, Bristol UK - Photograph by Jamie Woodley

bnr#60 => Tantalum Memorial, Arnolfini, Bristol UK - Photograph by Jamie Woodley

Edgeflower cordial

-Elder has been described as as mangy, short lived, opportunist, and foul smelling shrub. Now one of Britain most valued wild resources.

-We usually dont have enough opportunities to witnessing how a wild food, a non domesticated traditional resource cross from being a wild staple to a wild luxury. In so doing reflecting societal pressures for wilderness foods, coincidental with the marketisation of new style herbal drinks. A pressure that is becoming more important into organic sourcing rather than wild one.

-Elder has grown during the last 80 years in the edges of road/rail ways, and dividing private property or between highly productive industrial monoculture0

-It has disappeared from any listing or EU wild genetic resources, as selectrion, trialling and domestication has already occured in Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweeden, etc. and whose targets are based in berry flavour, not in flowers.

The Citrus Centre in Pulborough, West Sussex
kumquats lemons are the most cold tolerant species. Fragrant flowers appear all year round, spcially in wintertime. With adaptations to local cold, we have hypersex scenarios, when often flower and fruit at the same time.

Cordial Waters
Aureum potabile