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Invisible workshops

Filmed by Conor McCormack for YoHa and Alistair Oldham

“Our recent work set out to translate forces from BCC's expenditure database into physical machines to create a space where the technical and imaginary overlap, a space of fun and experimentation. We tried to help balance the books with our Open Data Book Stabbing, We tried to clean up Bristol with our Older People, Pneumatic Floor Polisher, and asked the public to take up the raines of Public Expenditure and climb abord our Riding Machine. We are looking forward to carrying out similar experiments in the seat of power and explore footage of what people in Bristol think about open data in the BCC chamber room.” YoHa

Databases and governance have become embedded
within one another from the Census to Crime, Pollution,
Transport and Health statistics.
Open Data is a philosophy that would make data freely
available to everyone – what do we think about it? In a
letter sent to government departments the PM said
“Greater transparency across Government is at the heart
of our shared commitment to enable the public to hold
politicians and public bodies to account; to reduce the
deficit and deliver better value for money in public

Invisible Airs is Commissioned by The University of the West of England’s
Digital Cultures Research Centre (DCRC) in collaboration with the Bristol
City Council’s B Open data project.
• How transparent is Open Data to the General Public?
• How can the machinery of government be more open?
• Who is presently empowered by Open Data?
• Does surveillance of government enhance accountability?

YoHa held a series of events using our machines to explore
Bristol City Council’s expenditure data, creating a space where the
technical and imaginary overlap, a space of fun and experimentation

On the 27th April 2011 we were at the Create Centre, Smeaton Rd, BS1 6XN and St Werburghs Park, BS2, Outdoor Cinema Event
On the 28th April we were at Knowle West Media Centre, Leinster Avenue, BS4 1NL and Stokes Croft, 35 Jamaica Street, BS2 8JP
and on 29th April 2011 we were at Arnolifini, Narrow Quay, BS1 4QA

Thanks to Heath Bunting, Alistair Oldham, Kate Rich for making us all welcome in Bristol.