Harwood, Site Survey, Manifesta7, Alumix, Bolzano, Italy.

bnr#31 => Harwood, Site Survey, Manifesta7, Alumix, Bolzano, Italy.

Invisible Build

Below are videos of the construction of the pneumatic contraptions used to physically visualise the forces inhering in the Open Data databsse

The arduino code utilised within these devices is available here Code - Section:

The following resources are available from Download.yoha.co.uk


Database entries used:

Raw_data.zip 05-Jan-2012 13:39 865K

From the Database Pneumatic Soiree

IA_slide.zip 02-Jun-2011 10:30 45M
IA_text_card_for_H2-s.doc 05-Jun-2011 12:44 67K
SF-Text.doc 05-Jun-2011 12:45 53K
SF.zip 02-Jun-2011 10:20 5.2M
final_harwood.doc 05-Jun-2011 12:25 43K

Invisible_airs_flier.pdf 10-Dec-2011 20:45 679K


code_ia_final.zip 02-Jun-2011 12:44 8.4M
invisible_airs_code_install.txt 03-Jun-2011 11:42 415


database.avi 08-Dec-2011 09:51 36M
invis_wksp.avi 01-Jun-2011 20:30 105M
invisible_civic.mpg 08-Dec-2011 17:25 788M