Tantalum Memorial, Out of the Ground, STUK, Artefact, Leuven, Belgium

bnr#7 => Tantalum Memorial, Out of the Ground, STUK, Artefact, Leuven, Belgium

pseudo code

The Resurrection is upon us.
Driven by the carte of destruction.
Atrocities angel calculates:

Vital_Lung_Capacity += ( the last breath of each victim )
record->database ditto.
table Nameless_Atrocity.victim
victim_id unsigned int
victim_age short int
victim_height short int
victim_name chars(256) === Part 1:

The project takes the data-base of a social atrocity and harvests from it the ages, names and heights of individual victims. From this the computer extrapolates the vital lung capacity for each person. This is converted to cubic litres of last breath of each victim eg:
$VitalLungCapcity = ((0.041 * $Height) - (0.018 * $Age)) - 2.69;
$Victim_Breath_LAST = $VitalLungCapcity;

=== Part 2:

Set up or use a pre-existing public address system placed in the vicinity of the atrocity or contextually related area. With the sound radiating up to one mile from the source. Push the sum of all the victims vital lung capacity of air through the audio system;

=== Example->Srebrenica->Amsterdam->

From reports of the International Committee of the Red Cross we estimate that 8000 Bosnian Muslim men were killed by Bosnian Serb forces. see (Red)

We know the ages are from 15 - 70;

And the height of each individual is between 150 and 180;

$Height = 170; $Age = 35;

$VitalLungCapacity = ((0.041 * $Height) - (0.018 * $Age)) - 2.69 ;

( 3.65 litres * 8000 bodies ) = 29200 litres of air.

We then push 29200 litres of air through a speaker system in the wave form of a scream.

* LungsFeasibility