Coal Fired Computers, Tantalum Memorial, Arnolfini, Bristol UK

bnr#62 => Coal Fired Computers, Tantalum Memorial, Arnolfini, Bristol UK

#Perl Routines to Manipulate London, v 0.0.0 1792/02/23 08:16:43
#Copyright (c) 1792-2002 William Blake
#Unpublished work reconstituted
#Permission granted to use and modify and append this library so long as the
#copyright above is maintained, modifications are documented, and credit is
#given for any use of the library.

# Thanks are due to many people for reporting bugs and suggestions
# For more information, see

# Grave the sentence deep. My love of London held in torment.
# Heavy, rains of cruelty, disguised in spectacular investments.
# Accumulate interest in Jealousy,Terror and Secrecy.
# The bloated Square mile
# Gifts this isle.

# In this citys dark gates - the tree of knowledge leads to this mansion built on misery.
# Here the dress code of secrecy cloaks the flesh in fear.
# This is how the proprietary city gets built,
# Hidden in every proprietary street,
# In every proprietary house,
# In every proprietary possession we meet.

# London - Simple Act Redress
# The American War was the last judgment on England.
# Inoculated against the sewer. Albion's Angels
# Rise up on wings of iron & steel, spreadsheet & rule:
# To gift sanitation & sulphurous fire to:
# The wheat of Europe,
# The rice of Asia,
# The potato of America,
# The maize of Africa.
# Massacre-bloated, angels crawl from the corpse of war.
# Five times fatter than when they entered.

# Choking lays the sickening Leveller-republican. Caustic fumes - dusts,
# gust from wars - grinding wheels - mills of cruelty - mills of terror, jealousy & secrecy.
# Every light ray turned to shadow and despair. to rikets - scabies - ticks & lice.
# Until the dark sun never set on the Hanoverian empire.
# Rise then the Leveller-republic, rise on wings of knowledge flowing in the domain of the many.
# For heaven is more knowledge then one man can muster in a lifetime.
# For hell is more knowledge then one man can muster in a lifetime.

# This Library is for redressing the gross loss to Londons Imagination of children
# beaten enslaved fucked and exploited to death from 1792 to the present.
# We see this loss in every face marked with weakness or marked with woe.

use PublicAddressSystem qw(Hampstead Westminster Lambeth Chertsey);
# PublicAddressSystem is an I/O library for the manipulation of the wheelen
# Vortex4 129db outside warning system.
# from Hampstead in the North, to Peckham in the South,
# from Bow in the East to Chertsey in the West.

# Find and calculate the gross lung-capacity of the children screaming from 1792 to the present
# calculate the air displacement needed to represent the public scream
# set PublicAddressSystem intance and transmit the output.
# to do this we approximate that there are 7452520 or so faces that live in the charter'd streets of London.
# Found near where the charter'd Thames does flow.

local @SocialClass = qw( RentBoy YoungGirl-Syphalitic-Innoculator CrackKid WarBeatenKid ForcedFeatalAbortion Chimney-Sweeps UnCategorisedVictim);

# These are a series of anonymous hashes;
# At least one is required at compile time:

local %DeadChildIndex;

# The Data for the DeadChildIndex should be structured as follows:
# %{DeadChildIndex} => {
# IndexValue => {
# Name => " Child name If known else undefined ";
# Age => " Must be under 14 or the code will throw an
# exception due to $COMPLICITY";
# Height => "Height of the child"
# SocialClass => "RentBoy YoungGirl-Syphalitic-Innoculator
# CrackKid WarBeatenKid ForcedFeatalAbortion
# Chimney-Sweeps UncategorisedVictim "
# }, As many as found
# }

# CryOfEveryMan
# First we add the Class attribute to the DeadChild instance under review
# Next add the VitalLungCapacity of that childs ability to scream

sub CryOfEveryMan {

my $index = shift;

# Because a child may belong to one or more SocialClass
# traverse the list adding the prospects of that SocialClass
foreach my $Class (@SocialClasses){

# Add the contents of this $Class to $DeadChildIndex->{$Index}
# Class attribute

if( $Class eq $DeadChildIndex->{$Index}->{Class}){

$DeadChildIndex->{$Index}->{Class} = %{$Class} ;
warn "$DeadChildIndex->{$Index}->{Name} is not a member of = $Class\n";

$DeadChildIndex->{$Index}->{Class} = %{UncategorisedVictim} if ! $DeadChildIndex->{$Index}->{Class};
# The average daily scream output of fear for the period 1792-2002 is 6.
my $TotalDaysLived = ($DeadChildIndex->{$Index}->{Class}->{LifeExpectancy} * 365)

# Calculate the gross $Lung Capacity For Screaming for this child
my $LungCapacityForScreaming = &Get_VitalLungCapacity(\%{$DeadChildIndex->{$Index}}) * $TotalDaysLived;
# asign to $DeadChildIndex->{$Index}->{ScreamInFear}
$DeadChildIndex->{$Index}->{ScreamInFear} = $LungCapacityForScreaming;

# need a function to play the sound file for
# lenght of time * volume of speaker system * air displacement
# The Get_VitalLungCapacity routine uses the Age and Height entry of the DeadChildIndex
# to calculate the Lung-Capacity of the dead child. This is then used to calculate the
# volume and capacity of screams when terrified.

sub Get_VitalLungCapcity{

my $DeadChild = shift;
my (
$VitalLungCapcity, # vital lung capacity in liters of air
$Height, # is height in centimeters
$Age, # is age in years
$Height = $DeadChild->{Height} unless ! defined $DeadChild->{Height};
$Age = $DeadChild->{Age} unless ! defined $DeadChild->{Age};
if ($Height && $Age){

# lung capacity increases with height, but decreases with age.
# So a person screams the most when they are as tall as they're going to be.
# (Probably about 18 or 20 years old.)
# This falls outside of our basic parameter of 0 to 14 years.
# But the calculation is still useful
$VitalLungCapacity = ((0.041 * $Height) - (0.018 * $Age)) - 2.69 ;
return $VitalLungCapacity;
# we may not know the height, try to guess from SocialClass
if(! $Height){$Height = Get_HeightFromClass(Height => $DeadChild->{SocialClass})}
# we may not know the Age, try to guess from SocialClass
if(! $Age){$Age = Get_AgeFromClass(Age => $DeadChild->{SocialClass})}
if($Age && $Height){
$VitalLungCapcity = ((0.041 * $Height) - (0.018 * $Age)) - 2.69 ;
return $VitalLungCapacity;
# Approximate it
# The average 6 year old child is about 120 cm tall. So $Height =130.0 and $Age = 6.0
# Put this into our equation and we get that the VitalLungCapacity is about 2.1 liters.
# The average 14 year old teenager is about 160 cm tall. So Height=160 and Age=14.
# This gives us a vital lung capacity of about 3.6 liters.
$VitalLungCapacity = ((3.6) - (2.1) / 8.0) * $Age;
return $VitalLungCapcity;
$VitalLungCapacity = ((3.6) - (2.1) / 8.0) * int(rand(14)) ;
return $VitalLungCapcity;