bnr#91 =>


__Aluminium is part of the hygienic war – its boundaries protect us from


Algorithm {
__The machine/book - Recursively Issue Crawl the internet for instances of Aluminium.

internet_search {

__follow links into and out of files containing an instance of this word on the internet.

INITIALISE; Issue Crawler software;
webpage_address list = {
any web page containing the word
for each webpage_address {
return any page_links on the
web pages containing the word /Aluminium/;

__Recursively search through WWW links returned from the

process_search {

for each ( page_link ){
text = get_web_page{TEXT};
sentences = split text into sentences;
extract sentences containing the word “aluminium”;

__calculate the experimental probability of each word occurring before and after the word Aluminium.

process_words {

for each( sentence containing aluminium ) {
words = split sentence into words;
for each word in the sentence{
if (word match /aluminium/){
increment word_before;
increment word_after;

__Associate each keyword with sections of the following films:

process_films {

films = ( Metal in Harmony (1961), Aluminium on the March (1956) );
__Because we despise the precise, mechanical, glacial reproduction of reality in these films, and as we are
__not interested in the reconstruction of movement which has already been broken up and analysed by the
__lense, we code up ways for time to occur across the division of the frame.
re_render {
__the films to reveal the movement between frames.
frame = split film {
15 frames per second
new_frame = ( frame + [frame+1] / difference [frame + 5] )

choose 459 cells from a possible 36,000 frames{
associate each cell with a keyword from process_words;
order by probable co-occurrence with Aluminium;
for each( cell ){ assign a sentence }

print a book;