Lady B

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In 2000 we produced Uncomfortable Proximity for the tate

The Tate's scrapbook of British pictorial history has many missing pages, either torn out through revision, or those that were self censored before the first sketch. Those that did make it created the cultural cosmetics of peoples profiting from slavery, migrant labour, colonisation and transportation. Clearly the images in the historic collection and the image of the Tate itself are pregnant with the pasts cosmetic cultural surgery made ready for the shopping lists of the future. The skin of these paintings was stretched over a psychological frame, a shield against which were thrown the filthy, diseased rotting corpses of daily life, profit and excess. The scrapbooks scalpled pages will never be found but they articulate in their absence the political and economic relations of that society and of ours. While Tate Britain can never be fully inclusive of peoples histories that may have run counter to it's own. It can at least be a site of critical participation in the present history of cultural cosmetics of these islands.

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